In the spotlight – Ewan Rosie

by Richard Allum on 14 May 2008

We continue our series of interviews with a paraplanner to gain an insight into his or her career, working day and top tips for the rest of us. This week features Ewan Rosie, the first Support Paraplanner interviewed . If you would like to feature in this section in the coming weeks and provide useful information to your peers (as well as raising your own profile) please contact us.

Name – Ewan Rosie

Current Role – Support Paraplanner (University Placement Student)

Employer/Company – Cooper Parry

Qualifications – CF1, CF2

How long have you worked in Financial Services? – 9 Months

Have you always been a paraplanner? – No, I have had part time jobs in the past while doing my A levels and first two years at university, but this is my first job in the financial services industry.

How would you describe a typical day as a paraplanner for you? – I am glad to say that I don’t have a typical day otherwise it would be boring! I enjoy the fact that each day I do different tasks ranging from new business processing to regular reviews. Before I go back to university I am trying to experience as much as possible and I have been introduced to new things as my knowledge has improved.

How do you fit into the overall paraplanning support within your company? -Within the Financial Planning arm of Cooper Parry there are three teams:

  • The Self Managed Pensions Team
  • The Financial Planning Team and
  • the Advisers.

I work in the Financial Planning Team with other Support Paraplanners and Paraplanners. The work I do either comes straight from the Advisers or from the Paraplanners.

What aspect of paraplanning do you enjoy most? – I enjoy the wide variety of work and think it is the perfect role for somebody looking to enter the financial services industry as you are exposed to many different areas of financial services. I also enjoy seeing how different client’s needs are dealt with from start to finish.

In what ways can you add value as a paraplanner? – In my Support Paraplanner role I can take some of the burden off the Paraplanner when they are particularly busy and can be a different resource for an Adviser to use.

What tips would you offer any other paraplanners? – As I am still a youngster in this role I wouldn’t really offer other Paraplanners tips, they are the ones who should be giving me advice! But a tip I would give to
someone looking for a job in the financial services industry is try paraplanning.

What websites do you regularly use? – I use Exchange for protection and annuity quotes, Financial Express/Analytics for fund performance and information and also the provider websites for technical information. But the websites I use the most are the provider websites that allow online access to client accounts.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? – To start my exams. The information that I have learnt from my first two exams have really helped me with my role and it’s an added bonus to do more qualifications before I have even finished my degree.

What exam are you taking next? – CF3 in June and hopefully CF4 before I go back to university.

What one thing could make your job easier? – If providers never asked clients to go for medicals for their life protection applications!

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