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Financial Adviser Expo 2008 – Harrogate

by Martin Vaughan on 26 May 2008

We are always looking for information to give to other paraplanners and we have asked for feedback from paraplanners and administrators about courses they have been on or seminars they have attended. I was fortunate to be able to attend the Financial Adviser Expo 2008 conference in Harrogate and thought I would share my thoughts.If anyone else was there we would really appreciate your comments. Similarly if you have been to any other seminars or conferences or received any training, please let us know what you thought using the following questions.

Who was the organiser? Financial Adviser magazine

Where was it held? International Conference Centre, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

How long did it last? All day

What was the format? There was a main hall where all the sponsors had their stands, this also offered refreshments (which you had to pay for yourself!) At the other end of the hall you went through to another room where you were able to choose to attend one of three presentations. The presentations lasted 30 – 45 minutes and were on a range of topics so there was plenty of choice for everyone.

What did you do? I managed to speak to a number of the sponsors who I had wanted to see, so rather than having them come to the office or have to discuss their product or service over the telephone or by email I was able to talk to them, ask questions and then make a judgement as to whether I wanted to take things further. I also attended three presentations which I found really useful.

Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? Yes

Were there many people there? Yes but not as many as you would expect to see at a national event.

What was the best part?  Being able to talk to the providers I had selected and listening to the speakers I wanted to listen to all in a single day.

What was the worst part? The speakers were housed in temporary flexible plastic halls and all three speaking ‘rooms’ were in the same hall. This meant you sometimes found it very difficult to hear the speaker you wanted to listen to as you could hear what was happening in the other ‘rooms’. Not very good.

Would you go again? Yes if I had a specific reason to go, whether this be to see a product or service provider or to listen to a particular speaker, but not just for a day out!

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