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by Martin Vaughan on 31 January 2010

As you know T Bailey have been sponsoring a competition over the past few weeks. The competition has had a fantastic response; to everyone who entered thank you.

When T Bailey started their sponsorship they very kindly offered the services of their Chief Investment Officer, Jason Britton to answer any questions that anyone wished to put to him.

As you can imagine we have had a number of questions and we hope to be able to publish many of the answers over the next few weeks however as a flavour, Jason has kindly answered the following two questions.

Question 1

I am reviewing a client’s portfolio and they have a large exposure to commercial property, what is your view on commercial property and should this be reallocated?

Jason’s answer

Our view is that we have moved from being negative on commercial property to neutral, so we are still relatively cautious and very careful about what opportunities there are, for example we only choose funds which have an adequate variety of both landlords and tenants to kick in an extra layer of diversity.  A high allocation to this asset class can be dangerous, in our view, but as you know it depends on the client’s risk tolerance and requirements.

Question 2

An IFA has asked me to investigate China as a region – is there more value there?

Jason’s answer

We view China as an unstoppable force in the emerging markets and, like many, understand the effect it has on the rest of the world.  However, these are interesting times and while Anthony Bolton has announced his intention to move there and establish a new fund, we tend to invest in the surrounding area (as can be seen from the T. Bailey Growth Fund exposure) as we find you can get a better risk/reward than investing direct.

If you have any other questions you would like Jason to answer, please feel free to email your question to

Similarly, if you have not had the opportunity to look at who T Bailey are, or what they do, please click on their logo on the right.

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