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by Richard Allum on 27 September 2011

Wizard Leaning has once again supported the Paraplanner of the Year by providing the technical assessment and two of the prizes.  We are very grateful and would like to help them by letting you know about some new learning material they have just produced .

If you are taking the RO6 exam on 3 October then you will probable be very interested in the expected solution their team of experts have completed based on a detailed analysis of the two R06 case studies that have been issued by the CII .

Included are a list of the questions that they feel could be asked along with a detailed solution.  You can now purchase the R06 expected solution for £95 (£79 excluding VAT) for the 3 October exam. In addition you will also get access to Wizard Learning’s CPD and gap filling system for the next two months. This system gives you access to 5 online multimedia courses for subjects R01 to R05 providing you with valuable additional reference material prior to the exam.

Click here now to purchase the expected solution. After purchasing you will get immediate access to the R06 expected solution and the CPD and gap fill system will be added to your record within 24 hours.  A 5% discount applies to all Users of this site and anyone else who you forward this email to.

PLEASE NOTE: We have arranged a 5% discount with Wizard Learning. To get your discount you MUST enter the code PARA in the promotion box that appears after you click on the checkout image.

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Louise K 3 October 2011 at 16:49

Hi, will a similar thing be available for the exam in November? I am planning to take it then.

Alistair Wallace 7 October 2011 at 13:32


Have just been put on to this website by a collegue.

I was under the impression that the RO6 exams were every quarter, not more often, like the other RO exams. Is this still the case?

I believe the next sitting is to be in January. Can I assume that the notes for this one would be availabel mid December?

Many thanks


Louise K 7 October 2011 at 14:10


There are 6 RO6 exams a year. The next one is on November 21st.

Mike Goldsmith 8 October 2011 at 7:56

There were 6 exam sittings for RO6 in 2011 – Jan, April, June, July, Oct and Nov. In 2012 I would expect there will be at least that however I wouldn’t be surprised if the CII decided to expand this is the 1/1/2013 deadline approaches.

Having received a good take up and feedback on our 3 October “RO6 The Expected Solution” I can confirm that we will be running one for the 21 November 2011 exam. This will be available around 14 October to purchase and you will get access to the 5 online multimedia courses RO1 to RO5 immediately as well as being able to view our 3 October expected solution. The 21 November expected solution will be available to view around the 14th or 15th of November.

Kind regards


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