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Welcome to The Paraplanner

Paraplanners have risen in prominence and numbers in recent years as more advisers have come to recognise the value and skills a paraplanner can bring to their business. The Paraplanner has been designed and developed with the aim of being the primary source of information and comment for paraplanners.

For many years it has become apparent through discussions we have had with other paraplanners that on many occasions time has been spent researching where to find a particular product or what the tax implications of a particular course of action are, only to find that a paraplanner you speak to later has also spent time doing exactly the same thing.

Alternatively it could be that you need to discuss a particular problem or have a specific question and yet have no one to ask either because you work on your own or do not have access to anyone with sufficient knowledge to answer your questions.

What we aim to achieve

In order to meet these needs, we felt it was about time there was a central place where all paraplanners (and anyone else for that matter) could come and find answers. Much more than that though, the site aims to provide paraplanners with a place to:

  • Access information
  • Share knowledge
  • Understands changes in legislation
  • Debate with other paraplanners
  • Develop their skills and careers

We want to make the site the first place a paraplanner will look for information.

We want to make the site a place where paraplanners can discuss ideas freely and openly.

We want to make the site a place where paraplanners can come and ask what may be perceived as questions they should know the answer to without being made to feel inadequate or foolish.

We want to make the site a place where paraplanners can meet other paraplanners either of a similar technical ability or in a similar geographical location. We aim to develop regional groups where paraplanners can meet in person rather than just online in a similar way to IFP or PFS meetings.

But above all we want to make the site a place where paraplanners can develop their technical knowledge, administrative ability and progress their career.

Articles and features will be added to the site by experienced paraplanners but the ultimate success of the site, and therefore its value to you, will be determined by your willingness to add ideas, thoughts and comments no matter how large or small. You can do this by submitting articles, commenting on articles or using the forum.

Who we are

The Paraplanner has been designed and developed by Richard Allum and Martin Vaughan as the primary resource for paraplanners in the UK. They are both still active paraplanners playing an important part in the development of the paraplanners role as a career option in its own right.

master1 full shadowRichard Allum is a Certified Financial Planner, a Board Director of the Institute of Financial Planning and member of the Personal Finance Society and holds the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate.

Richard has more than 17 years experience in financial services having held both client facing and intermediary support roles and is responsible for our pension and financial planning strategy.

Richard launched Adviser Assist in 2002 which was the first company to provide an outsourced paraplanning service in the UK. He has now evolved this into The Paraplanners and his experience is often called upon to provide a range of training workshops for advisers and paraplanners on a range of topics.

Martin 2Martin Vaughan has worked in financial services for 17 years initially as an adviser but the last 7 of which have been as a paraplanner. In 2008 Martin branched out on his own by setting up Paragon Paraplanning.  Martin is a Certified Financial Planner and a also a Chartered Financial Planner. He is also an Associate of the Personal Finance Society.

Martin was the Chairman of the Adviser Office (1st) user group in Nottingham for two years, which provided an opportunity for 1st users to meet, receive training and discuss any specific issues they may have had. Martin has written a number of articles for various trade publications most recently for Financial Planner (the official magazine of the IFP) and New Model Adviser.

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