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New cash flow software

by Richard Allum on 25 July 2010

We (Paraplan Plus) are shortly launching our own cash flow planning software called MoneyScope – you can find out more here. The initial release will be available to only 50 users who will have free access before the public release in return for feedback and their best attempts to break it!  We are nearly at […]

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Social Media in Financial Services

by Richard Allum on 14 January 2010

Day 2 of this informative and well received conference is today.  I was not able to make it but, due to the wonders of the internet (and Twitter in particular), was able to follow the event throughout yesterday and have written a review together with a list of the main points, tips and links which […]


Social Media in Financial Services

by Richard Allum on 16 December 2009

Just a year ago, you would be forgiven for thinking that Social Networking websites were just for kids, but all of sudden the business world is using them as a powerful new tool for networking, marketing and sharing best practice. And yes, even the financial advice industry is getting on board too – because according […]


Mind Mapping Software

by Richard Allum on 18 November 2009

If any of you have been to one of my paraplanning workshops you will know that I am a big fan of mind maps and use them most days.  I have just written a brief  review of the three tools I use on my own blog and, rather than adding it here which is easier […]


Technology stuff!

by Richard Allum on 15 February 2009

I am travelling to Belfast on Monday for a workshop on how paraplanners can use IT to make them more efficient and so I thought I would write about two things I have tried over the last week both of which are radically different. First of all, I have started using Twitter.  I have been […]

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Online Finance Awards

by Martin Vaughan on 6 October 2008

The has been up and running for 6 months now and during that time we’ve seen the site grow from strength to strength. Each month we have more and more people joining the forum and adding their views and comments which is fantastic. It certainly is a mine of information. We’ve also just announced […]

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Longevity Calculators

by Richard Allum on 21 August 2008

When are you going to die?  I don’t see this on many fact finds and it is a bit of a brutal question but I think that we should all be asking clients and getting their opinion on the matter.  I am often putting together investment and retirement planning strategies with a ‘medium’ or ‘long’ […]

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Debt Obesity Scale!

by Martin Vaughan on 22 May 2008

JP Morgan has produced a white paper entitled changing fortunes: setting guidelines for financial well being in the UK. It is concerned with the nation’s deteriorating personal finance situation.   They have proposed 5 financial steps for healthy financial living which are: Arrange life/income insurance Build a rainy-day cash fund Pay off expensive debt Start […]


Keeping you informed

by Richard Allum on 4 May 2008

The amount of content being added to the site is set to increase at a rapid rate in coming weeks. Although all new articles will appear on the front page of the site (at least for a day or two), you may miss them.  As well as visiting each section of the site, don’t forget […]


Best advice software

by Richard Allum on 2 May 2008

Vince Smith-Hughes is the National Pensions Manager at AIG Life and considers the impact on the advice process of product research and best advice software. The number of best advice systems has increased considerably over recent years. By referring to an independent system, a whole of market adviser can demonstrate to their clients that they […]