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Freelance Paraplanning

by Richard Allum on 7 January 2009

Life as a Freelance Paraplanner Martins Blog: Star Date: January 2009 Mission : To boldly go where no man (or woman) has been before (well except Roger and Richard and Emma and Emma and Heidi and …………..) As a paraplanner of some years standing there are many, many aspects of the role which I really […]

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Longevity Income Plan

by Martin Vaughan on 1 August 2008

We thought it would be a good idea to start to provide reviews of new products. We felt that as we were reviewing Plans and products and trying to understand them as part of our day jobs it would be good to share this information with our readers.We have tried to set this out in […]


How long have I got?!

by Richard Allum on 1 March 2008

Knowing how long a client can expect to live is very useful when considering most types of financial planning issues yet, apart from in some unfortunate cases, most of us cannot really say for sure when we are going to die. Despite this we still need to make a realistic assumption regarding longevity and some […]

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Poll: Financial planning software

by Richard Allum on 29 February 2008

This weeks poll looks at the popularity of the various software tools available for financial planning. We are looking here primarily about lifetime cash flow forecasts and shortfall analysis. I have used all of the tools shown in the poll and have my own views on the pros and cons of each which I will […]


Truth – Financial Planning Software

by Richard Allum on 25 February 2008

Truth is the financial planning part of the Prestwood software system which has been ‘re-packaged’ and launched by Paul Armson. I attended a demonstration and workshop given by Paul where I met Mike Linksey of Fincision. Mike has posted a thorough review of the software on his site which I have reproduced below. I’ve seen […]